Pike Hills Golf Club

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Hole by Hole Tour

Pike Hills Course One of the North’s hidden gems and one of the friendliest places to come and enjoy your golf. 

A parkland course surrounding Askham Bog – owned and preserved by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The combination of the golf course and the natural surroundings offers all golfers a chance to play in a glorious natural setting and be so close to Mother Nature.

Once you have teed off – the challenge of the course is set! Tree lined fairways, bunkers strategically placed and immaculate greens make Pike Hills a great test of golf for all.

The 18 holes offer you a combination of holes that will live long in the memory – testing par 5’s, picturesque par 3’s, and the most challenging of par 4’s. 

A great golf course, club and membership awaits you!  

Pike Hills Course – Hole 1

A short but demanding par 4 to start. For position, play a 3 wood or long iron to the left centre of the fairway. This will leave a mid to short iron to a small bunker protected green. Two putts and you are well away. 


Pike Hills Course – Hole 2

A strong par 5 of over 500 yards requires a well hit tee shot down the middle. A 3 or 5 wood will leave you a short iron into the green. Be careful with your putts as the tricky borrows will test the best of putters!


Pike Hills Course – Hole 3

A great risk and reward par 4. The big hitters will seize the chance and probably want to take the green on. However the best play is to thread a shot down the middle avoiding trees left and the fairway bunker. A short chip onto a heavily contoured  green will leave you with a “little tester” for birdie or par.  


Pike Hills Course – Hole 4

Drive to the right hand side of this fairway. A good drive will leave you a mid to short iron into this challenging green. Two putts and a par here is always welcome.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 5

Index 1 usually playing into the prevailing wind. This very strong par 4 requires a good drive down the left centre of the fairway. An accurate well hit second will hopefully find this long and very testing green. With bunkers positioned right and left of the green a par is always good at the 5th. 


Pike Hills Course – Hole 6

A good risk and reward par 4 off the whites. Drive down the middle between mature poplars on the right and the beauty of Askham Bog on the left. The green which slopes heavily from back to front will ask questions of your putting skills.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 7

A most delightful of par 3’s with a tee shot played to the green from within the land owned by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – Askham Bog. Be careful to miss the bunkers surrounding the green and a birdie here beckons! 


Pike Hills Course – Hole 8

The second strong par 5 on the front nine demands a well placed tee shot toward the centre of the fairway. You then need to decide if you are going to take the 3 cross bunkers on just short of the green or lay up. Once on the green a good putter will be looking to pull a shot back on the card.

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Pike Hills Course – Hole 9

A very tough par 3 usually played into the prevailing westerly wind. A long iron or fairway wood played over hawthorn trees will hopefully find the small green. Two putts and a par and you walk to the halfway house very happy! 


Pike Hills Course – Hole 10

A most challenging of holes to start the back nine. This long par 4 demands an accurate tee shot driven over the o.o.b. hedge to the right. A long iron or fairway wood will put you on the well bunkered green or just short in two. You are happy with a 5 and ecstatic about a par.

  A beautiful hole played to a raised green with an eye catching pond to the right. A well placed tee shot over the brow of a hill  will leave you with a mid to short iron to this great green. One of the few greens without a borrow to contend with offers a good birdie chance.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 12

A truly demanding long par 4. Play your drive towards the far fairway bunker off the tee. Centre of fairway will leave you a well hit mid iron or utility club to reach this heavily bunkered raised green. A 4 here is always good. 


Pike Hills Course – Hole 13

Placement off the tee is key to making par here. A drive to the right of the pond if you are unsure of clearing it ,will set up a shot to a raised green surrounded by trees. Two putts and move on.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 14

Straight down the middle on this one! However be careful of the bunker short of the green. Strategically placed to catch the magnificent drive or the poorly hit second it can often spoil your score here. Once on the green you will encounter  a testing rolling green which will test you for your par.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 15

A great par three which has often ruined many a good score! Play a mid iron to the right centre of the green to ensure you make par or better. Do not go left as the greenside bunker awaits!


Pike Hills Course – Hole 16

One of the best par 4 holes for many a mile. Play a good well struck drive down to the left of the large hawthorn. This gently sweeping dog leg then offers you a tough second of anything between 150 and 200 yards. Once on this green a two putt is always welcome with a strong break from left to right to encounter.


Pike Hills Course – Hole 17

Drive uphill and avoid the large trees to the left of the fairway. Right centre is perfect. A short iron to a well bunkered green will leave you with a tricky birdie attempt. As you walk back to the 18th tee take in the magnificent views of the famous York Minster – not to be missed

Pike Hills Course – Hole 18

A great testing finish. Play your drive just right of centre allowing for the undulating fairway to bring you back into its centre. A mid iron should give you the chance of 2 putts and finishing your round in style. A hole to remember and one which will bring you back.