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Important Information






Effective Monday July 6th 2020

1. BRS allows the booking of up to 4 players per tee time. Only book players that are definitely going to play at that time on that day. Booking a name onto BRS is a commitment to play.
2. If for ANY reason you are unable to play you must remove your name ASAP including on the day.
(i) Frees up space for another member to book
(ii) Data from BRS used to make club decisions on capacity – accuracy required.
(iii) Security/H&S requirement in the event of an on course or clubhouse incident.
3. “Ghost” guest bookings are NOT permitted. Do not block off your tee by using guest facility.
(i) Frees up space for another member to book
(ii) BRS records used to match bookings with income 4. If you wish to play as a one/two/three ball and you use the “guest” facility you MUST PAY the guest fee/fees for that day.
(i) Sunday to Friday members guest fee £15
(i) Saturday members guest fee £30
5. If members wish to invite a genuine guest to play this is where and why the “guest” button should be used on BRS.
(i) Payment MUST be made PRIOR to play commencing in the club shop. A paid green bag ticket is issued and must be displayed on bag.
(ii) If tee time is booked prior to Opening or after the club shop is closed PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE as per fees in 5(i) or 5(ii) this can be done over the telephone with the club shop.
(iii) There is NO EXCUSE not to pay for any “guest” booking for any tee time booked.
6. Acknowledge arrival at club shop, only tee off on Hole 1 and only tee off at BRS booked time

The above is to protect the opportunity for members to play golf, to protect the income of the club, to ensure we know who is on the course at a given point in time.

This has been highlighted by auditing activities over the last two weeks. We will continue to audit the course with ranger checks at varying days and times. Checking players against current paid members list and BRS tee time booking.

YOU are responsible for your BRS bookings and payments. Please help your club and help your fellow members.

Failure to comply with the above could result in Members privileges being removed!

Thank you

The Club Committee