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Chairman’s Report 29





Pike Hills Golf Club Coronavirus Impact
Update number 29.

Dear Members,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Only 2 weeks to go and we are now in “Step 1” of the Governments “Road Map out of Lock down”, the children have now returned to school and hopefully things will start to return to normality as we move through the steps to freedom on the 21st June. However this all depends on our continued vigilance and us all sticking to the laws and rules as time progresses. The four steps that the government will use before each step can be advanced are as follows;

• The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.
• That the evidence shows that the vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those people that have been vaccinated.
• That infection rates do not risk a huge surge in hospitalisations which would put an unsustainable pressure on the National Health Service.
• That the Governments assessments of the risks are not fundamentally changed by any new “Variants of Concern”.
If each of these steps is passed OK, then there will be a further lifting of some restrictions before we pass on to the next step. To help you with these steps, I thought it might be useful to remind you of them, so here is a brief summary relevant to us;

Step 1- From the 8th March;
• Children back to school.
• Exercise outdoors permitted with your house hold and/or one person from outside your house hold.
• Takeaway service only for catering activities.
• No Golf, the club house/changing rooms/Professional Shop/Driving Range etc. must remain closed.

Step 1 – From 29th March;
• Out door gatherings of either up to 6 people or 2 households are allowed.
• The club house/changing rooms/Professional Shop must remain closed although the use of indoor toilets is allowed.
• Golf is permitted in up to 4 balls.
• Takeaway service only for catering activities.
• Competitions may commence.
• The Driving Range may open under strict COVID prevention rules and coaching is permitted.

Step 2 – From 12th April;
• The changing rooms and Professional Shop can open.
• Golf is permitted in up to 4 balls.
• Takeaway service and outdoor catering and bar activities are permitted under a table service only rule, but the rule of 6 must be adhered to.
• The Club House hospitality areas remains shut.
• The Driving Range may open under strict COVID prevention rules and coaching is permitted..
• Competitions may continue.

Step 3 – From 17th May;
• The changing rooms and Professional Shop can remain open.
• Golf is permitted in up to 4 balls.
• Takeaway service is permitted.
• Outdoor catering and bar activities are permitted under a table service only rule, subject to the “rule of 6” per table.
• The Club House can open and indoor catering and bar activities may open subject to the rule of 6 .
• The Driving Range may open under strict COVID prevention rules and coaching is permitted..
• Competitions may continue.
• Committee meetings may take place.

Step 4 – 21st June.
• All legal limits on social contact removed.
I hope this summary is helpful, but it is only a guide and specific details on each step and how we can move safely through them will be published at each occasion.

Graham Bradbury and Garry Dunn have again organised the Lord Mayors Charity Day and this year it will take place on Friday 23rd April, obviously this will be conducted under strict COVID preventions rules and playing protocols and Graham has asked me to include the following in this report;

“We are pleased to inform you that the annual Lord Mayor of York’s Charity Golf Day will go ahead as planned on Friday, 23rd April.
This event gives our club much kudos (which is evident by the number of clubs which have enquired to hold it), some valuable PR, and of course it brings both the club and our chef, Steve, some much needed business.
The main charities to benefit this year are “Two Ridings” who will be helping families severely affected by the Covid Pandemic and “York Against Cancer”, two very needy causes.
It is a 4BBB, stableford competition with best 2 to score on every hole. Tee time bookings are now being taken and as per last year, Pike Hill’s members can gain entry at a reduced fee of £20 per player (£30 for non-members) which includes bacon sandwich and coffee pre-golf and a bar meal after your round. An outside bar with table service will be available for alcoholic and soft drinks.
We have taken advice from both the golf club committee and England Golf and although there will still be rigorous UK Government restrictions on what we are able to do, we are confident we can make it both a fruitful and of course, a most enjoyable day for everyone concerned.
An entry form is attached for anyone interested, please see separate pdf document.
Volunteers for starting, helping with car parking, etc. are also required on the day. If you can assist in anyway or need further information please contact any of below.
Kirsten Ovenden by Email: Lmyorkgolf@gmail.com
Graham Bradbury 07790 470589
Garry Dunn 07817 200203

Many thanks to Graham and Garry for organising this event which is likely to be the first big one since last year, I know how much hard work they have put in to arrange this with all the difficulties due to the pandemic and we wish them well and really hope the day goes well, again specific details will be published to the participants regarding the following of COVID prevention rules and playing protocols.

As stated last week, the Captains Drive in and social event has been cancelled (new date to be confirmed) and the Captains Drive in competition moved to Saturday 17th April.
Please choose your Captain to play for, Captain, Lady Captain, Rabbits or Toffs the sheet will be in the lobby or contact your respective Captains.

Again as last week, the Greens Staff have been working hard getting the course ready for the 29th March, I observed them dressing the 10th fairway last week and fairways and surrounds being cut and prepared. We have had a number of members volunteering to help and Peter Hay Head Greenkeeper and Dave Bell your Greens Chairman, are contacting these people to determine suitable tasks for them to complete. I went last week and tidied up the hut and area around the 7th Tee and really enjoyed it although given that it has been a long time since I did any manual work. There is still lots to do and if any other member would like to assist in any area, please contact Alistair with your details and he will liaise with Peter to progress the work.

Max Bailey, your House Chair, reports that the decorating of the gents changing room and toilets is now complete and we are very grateful to John Masiak, House Committee member for his hard work, the rooms certainly look fresher and brighter. The process of planning and identifying furnishings for the George Lounge continues and we hope to progress this further when more restrictions are lifted.

In order to provide you with an outside catering and bar service from 12th April, Steve and Fran, our amazing caterers have sourced a large marquee and this will be sited adjacent to the first tee. Seating will be placed inside and table service will be provided subject to the rule of 6. More details will be provided nearer the time, but before then, they are still operating a takeaway and “phone and collect service”, you can also use your permitted exercise visit to the club to pick up your takeaway order from him or Fran (07949 550884), or if using the course just for your daily exercise, why not order a bacon sandwich or other snack or a coffee from them too.
Each Friday they are offering a takeaway Fish and Chips service and I once again availed myself of this to enjoy a fabulous supper. Steve informs me that he intends to continue his “FISH & CHIP Friday” each week, so why not give them a try. I can heartily recommend it, it is better and cheaper than the local fish and chip shop and you will be supporting the hard work that they do to provide this service.

I finish as usual with a couple of amusing ditties,
1. A shepherd was gathering his sheep in with his trusty dog and says to his boss” there you are sir, that’s 40 sheep”, his boss says “what we should have 37” the shepherd says “I know I just rounded them up” !!!!!!!
2. Last night a chap was sat on the sofa watching television when he heard his wife’s voice from the kitchen, “What would you like for you dinner my love, Chicken, Lamb or Beef?” He said “Thank you, I’ll have the chicken please”, she replied, “You are having soup you fat slob, I was talking to the cat”.!!
3. The fellow who presses the crowd cheering button at Anfield, the home of Liverpool F.C. has just been furloughed.
4. All people should live as long as to be this kind of lady!!
“Towards the end of the Sunday service, the Minister asked, “How many of you have forgiven you enemies?, 80% of the congregation put up their hands, the Minister then repeated his question, all responded this time except one small elderly lady. “Mrs Neely are you not willing to forgive your enemies,” he asked, “I don’t have any” she replied sweetly. “Mrs Neely, that is very unusual, how old are you? “Ninety Eight”, she replied. The congregation stood up and clapped their hands and cheered “Oh, Mrs Neely would you please come down to the front and tell us all how a person can live for ninety eight years and not have an enemy in the world” The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, face the congregation, and said with a smile “Because I outlived them all”

Stay Safe and Well, be kind to yourself and your friends and lets hope to see each other soon.
Kindest Regards
Martin Robinson
Pike Hills Golf Club Chairman
Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives