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Chairman’s Report 26





Pike Hills Golf Club Coronavirus Impact

Dear Members,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Hopefully many more of you will have had your vaccination by now and we will listen with interest to the Prime Minister’s statement today regarding the road map for easing the restrictions. Lets be optimistic that he will allow a return to outside sporting activities, in particular Golf. We will keep you informed with respect to any changes and hopefully opening and playing protocols.
I did not write an update last week as I was concentrating on the annual reports. As these reports are normally displayed on the club notice board in the foyer in advance of the Annual General Meeting, and because the restrictions do not permit access to the club house, the committee decided that as we cannot yet set a date for the AGM, we should sent the reports out to membership in order for you to have the information. We will, of course, set a date for the AGM as soon as we can and we feel it is safe to do so. We were also able to hold a “Zoom” committee meeting this week as well.

Dave Bell, our Green Chairman reports;
Dear Members, I all hope you are well and here is an update of progress on the course. It remains very wet, but the staff have been busy pruning and thinning out copses. For those who have not been to the club this week we have felled a large poplar that stood on the corner of the car park plus we called in a tree surgeon to pollard the poplars around the 15 hole, there is one more to fell when ground conditions permit. With regard to the bunkers on the 3rd, we are commencing refurbishment by re- turfing the tops and surrounds, I have asked Peter to obtain prices for a specialist contractor to carry out the major work to bunkers, the main reason behind this is every year we are held up by the terrible weather which of course puts more pressure on our staff to complete other work. At present the pump, which is 20 years old, and controls the water feed to the storage tank has failed and Peter is looking into either, procuring a reconditioned one or purchasing a replacement. We are also looking into purchasing a hand mower for the greens. This is will enable us to cut the greens when it is too wet for the larger green’s machines. Hopefully we can get back to playing golf shortly in some form and to this end we are starting to prepare the course to be ready for re-opening. Thanks for all your support hope to see you soon.

We are very grateful to David Chapman for revising the plans for the club house extension and submitting them to City of York Council for approval. This process is likely to take 2 – 3 months and when passed will give us the opportunity to share them with the membership. The modified plans are very necessary in order for us to comply with the Disability Act and will provide disabled toilets on the ground and first floor as well as a lift to the first floor. A new General Managers office will allow the Ladies Locker Room to be extended as well as providing a new staircase enlarging the entrance foyer and the forming of a large first floor terrace overlooking the 15th green.

As reported in the Annual report, the pre-application for the Course Development Project has been submitted by Booths the contractors to the City of York Council and due process will now take place, this follows a significant amount of work by Booths by completing the appropriate and required surveys and appointing experts to ensure all the environmental and wild life protections areas are completed in agreement with their governing bodies and regulations.

As Steve our Chef is still operating a takeaway and “phone and collect service, you can also use your permitted exercise visit to the club to pick up your takeaway order from him or Fran (07949 550884), or if using the course just for your daily exercise, why not order a bacon sandwich or other snack or a coffee from them too. They held a “Take Away” Curry night on Saturday and I can confirm that the food was superb and incredible value, I do hope that Steve and Fran hold lots of these takeaway service again soon, please watch out for them and support the hard work that they do to provide this service.

Please note that the entrance gate closes each day at 1pm and you will not be able to drive out of the car park.
I finish as usual with a couple of amusing ditties:

The first 2 from the inimitable John Norman, with the second a poser for you to consider.
1. I have had young goats knocking on my door and then running off but I can’t report them as they are only kids.
2. Three lads living in a flat did not have a tv so the clubbed together £10 each and bought a second hand tv from a charity shop. The manager of the shop came back and asked the assistant were was the tv and when the assistant said he had sold it the manager said it was £25 not £30 so he gave the assistant five one pound coins to refund them.
The assistant gave each lad one pound each and kept two for himself.
Now comes the maths , if each lad got a pound back then they each had only spent

3. As temperatures in some parts of England plummet to -15 degrees C, several households in Yorkshire admit it might be time to put the heating on.
4. Scotland will have a 3 dose vaccination policy… 1st Dose, then Second Dose then……a Fandabbydose!!!

Stay Safe and Well, be kind to yourself and your friends and hopefully if The Prime Minister relaxes the restrictions we will get back to golf and seeing each other again soon.
Kindest Regards
Martin Robinson
Pike Hills Golf Club Chairman
Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives