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Chairman’s Report 25




Pike Hills Golf Club Coronavirus Impact

Dear Members,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Perhaps more of you will have had your vaccination by now, Lesley and I had our first one on last Monday without any ill effects, so lets all hope that as the vaccinations are rolled out to all and as the rate per thousand continues to reduce, we may be able to get back to playing golf again.
This weeks report is quite short as there has been very little change from the previous week.
I am very grateful to Martin Greaves for the following:
“As part of engaging with golfers and referees alike, the R&A is this week staging a dedicated Rules Week across its digital platforms. We are all missing golf terribly but as a means of keeping the mind fresh and to build our enthusiasm for an early return, try the quiz below.“It’s a lot of fun and will hopefully be of use when we get back playing”


Martin also reports the following news;
Reports Suggest Golf’s return may be on in March after schools open according to The Times
Take a look at this article from Golf Monthly: https://apple.news/AGdeIFfe8TYSAICgs41Ed5A
Peter your Head green Keeper reports that they have been very busy in January “fighting” the very wet conditions, the total rainfall being 122mm, the course is extremely wet with water over the path in the bog between the 6th green and the 7th tee. They continue to check the pumps and the one on the driving range has failed and so a temporary one has been installed to drain the water into the ditch.

As Steve our Chef is still operating a takeaway and “phone and collect service”, you can also use your permitted exercise visit to the club to pick up your takeaway order from him or Fran (07949 550884), or if using the course just for your daily exercise, why not order a bacon sandwich or other snack or a coffee from them too.
Please note that the entrance gate closes each day at 1pm and you will not be able to drive out of the car park.

Clearly we have been unable to hold any committee meetings due to the COVID restrictions, we have arranged a “ZOOM” meeting this coming Tuesday, I am grateful to Granville Miller for setting this up.

Sadly this week we received the news that Captain Sir Tom Moore had passed away, a proud and true Yorkshire man, he was one of the most inspirational people of 2020 during the Coronavirus lockdown with his wise words, positive attitude and fantastic fund raising for the NHS, Sir Tom said at his “Charity Walk”; “We will get through this in the end, but it might take time, but at the end of the day we shall be OK again…the sun will shine on you and the clouds will go away”.
Let us be mindful that we are all in this together and while all this turmoil is going on be kind to each other and yourself, let us all stick to the rules and hopefully when we are vaccinated we can get back to playing golf and enjoying the company of friends.
To quote Captain Sir Tom again; “Tomorrow will be a good day”

I finish as usual with a couple of amusing ditties:

1. Have a look at www.conjunctivitis.com – It’s a sight for sore eyes (Thanks to Nigel Jones for this one)

2. A bride on her wedding night says to her new husband” I must confess darling, I used to be a hooker, “Oh dear he says that’s a bit of a shock, but I must admit I find it quite erotic, tell me about it” She replies “Well my name was Nigel and I played for Wigan”

3. Notice seen outside a hotel;- “Education is important but opening the Pubs is importanter!!!

4. I told my suitcases that there will be no international travel this year. Now I am dealing with emotional baggage!!!!!

5. I asked the hairdresser the other day what cut would make me look handsome? A power cut was not the answer I was expecting!!!! (Thanks to John Norman for the last 2)

6. Late last Friday, following the EU vaccine debacle, Boris left a voice mail for Emmanuel Macron, and for a laugh, he left the message in German. Macron phoned him back later and said, “Boris, I got your message, but I am afraid that I do not speak German”. Boris paused for a second and replied “and who do you have to thank for that”

Kindest Regards
Martin Robinson
Pike Hills Golf Club Chairman
Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives